How I work...

For most jobs I will provide a few rough sketches from the brief. The more detailed the brief, the better, but if there is no real concept to begin with, then rough sketches can get things started.

For artwork I tend to draw by hand and scan artwork into the computer for any tweaking and digital manipulation. More technical graphics may be created directly onto screen.

Finished artwork is usually supplied via DropBox, or can be sent through another online file service in a variety of formats. The focus of my job is to give you a finished piece of work you will be totally happy with.

Garen Ewing

As a child I would spend most of my spare time lying on the floor drawing. I always knew this would be my job when I grew up. While I'm still waiting to grow up properly, I have now been a full-time freelance illustrator and designer since 2002, though previous employments also utilised my drawing, designing and computer abilities.

A fair amount of my spare time is spent writing and drawing (particularly on my adventure comic, The Adventures of Julius Chancer - winner of a 2013 British Comic Award), and when not doing that I research and collect on the Second Anglo-Afghan War 1878-1880 (for which I was interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Making History as their 'expert'), and practice karate, bass guitar and banjo (though not usually all at the same time).

I live in West Sussex, England, and work from my home studio, where my wife (a freelance editor and writer) and two children can keep an eye on me.

Some of my clients...

Lloyds of London Press


National Childminding Association (NCMA)


The Observer

National Union of Teachers (NUT)

Hewlett Packard

David Fickling Books

Royal Mail

The National Archives

Thorsens Books

Fine Food World

Tor Books

Josef Weinberger Ltd


Armstrong International

The Child of Achievement Awards

Posturite UK Ltd

West End International Ltd

The Phoenix Comic

Forbidden Planet International

The Superyacht Group

The June Easther School of Theatre & Dance

DC Thompson

Jurassic London

Tonto Press

Panton Design

Social Sense

Totally Original T-Shirts Ltd

Smartran Ltd

Lewis FC

Webb & Webb

Kingston Farm Brewery

Blank Slate Books

Cosmic Hobo Productions

Scholastic Books

Penta Hotels

Heatherly Cheshire Homes

Pegasus Publishing

Blue Comet Press

Norfine Nets

The Royal College of Nursing


Fugitive Games

Warrior Records


Ace Theatre Company

Heinemann Books

Longman Books

The Vitiligo Society

and more....

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